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actris-acsm - [[Actris-acsm] ] Supporting Services to Build up your Supplier Capacity to fit your Buyer Needs 2019

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[[Actris-acsm] ] Supporting Services to Build up your Supplier Capacity to fit your Buyer Needs 2019

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  • Subject: [[Actris-acsm] ] Supporting Services to Build up your Supplier Capacity to fit your Buyer Needs 2019
  • Date: Thu, 16 May 2019 21:24:21 +0800

Title: Supporting Services to Build up your Supplier Capacity to fit your Buyer Needs 2019

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Date: 20190516 ng2
After 8 years working experience in one of the biggest international service provider on product testing, inspection and auditing, I left there and worked on own with my team of various industry fields starting from beginning of 2014 to provide various supply chain services to fit clients' needs. We understand various buyers, retailers and brands requirements on quality management, CSR, CTIPAT, environment management system (EMS), occupational health & safety management system (OHSMS), energy saving, restricted substance control (RSC, such as RoHS and REACH), etc...   
I, Capability Building Services:
We can build up suppliers' capability to meet quality management , CSR, etc... requirements imposed by those big US & EU buyers.
C1, CSR or other Management System Set Up
We are working with one US trader to upgrade their suppliers’ capability to meet their ultimate clients’ CSR, CTIPAT, QMS, EMS, and/or OHSMS requirements in China. We will advise on whether supplier in China can fit their ultimate clients' needs or not, such CSR requirements for one big US retailer. 
We have assisted two of their suppliers to pass social audit with yellow color in Aug and Nov 2015, and April 2016, then SMETA (Sedex) audits on Aug 2018.
We assisted four companies in Hong Kong to be upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 QMS requirements within last year 2018.
C2, Energy Saving Program
We have completed energy audit for M&S garment supplier in Cambodia at the end of 2014 and another one in Myanmar in the beginning of July 2015. We are discussing more cases in Asia, including Cambodia, Myanmar, and China. We assist to identify rooms for cost saving from reducing monthly energy consumption in factories.
C3, Restricted Substances Control
We have completed a gap analysis on restricted substances control (RSC) in the mid of June 2015 , including RoHS and REACH,  system for one display products manufacturer in China for EU and US brands.
C4, Professional Training
1,  5-day IRCA registered lead auditor course on ISO 9000 for one UK retailer team in their Shenzhen office (May 2015) to build up their staff auditing skill on QMS on their suppliers. (We can run IRCA registered auditor course on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in June 2016, including courses on new revised standards: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015)
2, 1-day introduction training on ISO 17025 for lab technicians for one cosmetic packaging factory in  Dongguan for one big trading company (Dec 2014)
3, tailor-made training program on problem solving for specific industry, such as FMEA, root cause analysis, 7 QC tools, etc...
II, Supporting Services:
S1, Inspection and other services
We are currently providing inspection services of competitive pricing (and instant daily summary) within different regions of China to traders and buyers, such as one US footwear brand,  one US client for reusable bags, one Chile client for cosmetics and printer ink box, one trader for premium and another UK trader for licensed premium products for EU and US market . We with our partnering test laboratory can also support on product testing (footwear, textile, toy, food, RoHS, REACH, CPSIA, etc...)  and TCF verification.
S2, Innovative Inspection Tool for Softline (including Fabric), Hardline, E&E Products, Food products 
Our unique innovative product, Cloud QC Apps on Tablet (android base) has been applied to fabric inspection for one garment  company for 10 QCs and plans to extend to cover all in-house QCs of about 70 in both China and Asia for garment inspection in coming months. Another trader with 70 QCs in China and Asia has fully adopted our Apps for all kinds of inspections: softline, hardline and E&E, with satisfactory results. ROI is 9 months
Visit our web site
One US lady garment brand adopted thisApps for their inspection in Asia on Feb 2016, and completed installation in March 2016 and found it to be satisfactory.
On Aug 2016, that client advice: based on the positive results with QC tablet app in Asia, we have interest in using the QC tablet application in California and Mexico for QC. Our person in LA tried to use with the test login but was unable. I would like to engage with you again to try it this time in San Francisco (SF). If we are successful in setting it up in SF, we would like to purchase and deploy for our QC in Los Angeles (LA) and Mexico.
All set up were successfully tested and found satisfactory and have been deployed to LA and Mexico with satisfactory results.
That client is keeping on adopting the QC Apps in their various regions to do their external inspections starting from year 2016 and up to this year 2019 and they surely will keep on using our QC Apps.


Best Regards

Sales Manager
Skyblue Resultant Hong Kong Limited
E-mail: tangcl2015 AT

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