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h5part - [H5part] Question on appending particle file

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Subject: H5Part development and discussion

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[H5part] Question on appending particle file

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  • From: Jozsef Bakosi <jbakosi AT>
  • To: h5part AT
  • Subject: [H5part] Question on appending particle file
  • Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2016 15:23:01 -0600


I have successfully been using H5Part to write particle data to several time

Now I would like to do the same but without keeping the file open during time
stepping, so I'm attempting to open the file using APPEND, but get the
error message when I try to call H5PartWriteDataFloat64() with a nonzero error

E: H5PartWriteDataFloat64: Timegroup <= 0.

Here is the sequence that I follow:

I create the file once during initialization:

f = H5PartOpenFileParallel( filename, H5PART_WRITE, MPI_COMM_WORLD);
H5PartWriteFileAttribString( f, "Origin", "somestring" );
H5PartCloseFile( f );

Then every iteration I repeat:

1. Write Time stamp:

f = H5PartOpenFileParallel( filename, H5PART_APPEND, MPI_COMM_WORLD);
H5PartSetStep( f, it );
H5PartSetNumParticles( f, npar );
H5PartCloseFile( f );

2. Write particle coordinates:

f = H5PartOpenFileParallel( filename, H5PART_APPEND, MPI_COMM_WORLD);
H5PartWriteDataFloat64( f, "x", xdata );
H5PartWriteDataFloat64( f, "y", ydata );
H5PartWriteDataFloat64( f, "z", zdata );
H5PartCloseFile( f );

Only the three H5PartWriteDataFloat64() calls generate the above error.

Could someone tell me how I can debug this? Keeping the file open during
iterations works fine, but then I cannot look at the data file only after all
iterations are finished.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Jozsef Bakosi
Computational Physics and Algorithms (CCS-2)
MS D413, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
email: jbakosi AT
phone: 505-665-0950
fax: 505-665-4972

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