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opal - [Opal] [PSI-IT WARNING: SUSPECTED SPAM] The Novel Mouse Immunization Adjuvant

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[Opal] [PSI-IT WARNING: SUSPECTED SPAM] The Novel Mouse Immunization Adjuvant

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Magic Mouse Adjuvant is a novel immunization adjuvant specifically designed for rapid production of high titers of antibodies in mice. The adjuvant contains immune-stimulatory CpG DNA — short oligonucleotides that contain unmethylated cytosine-guanine dinucleotides within a certain base context. The mammalian immune system has evolved to recognize these sequences, which are found naturally in bacterial DNA, as a sign of infection. Exposure to CpG DNA results in very rapid and strong immune activation, and, when applied with an antigen, CpG DNA produces high titers of antigen-specific antibodies. Different CpG DNA sequences activate the immune systems of different animal species. Magic Mouse Adjuvant contains a proprietary DNA sequence that is specifically designed for immunization of mice.

Key Features of the Adjuvant:
1.Highly effective -- rapid production of high titers of antibodies. Only 1-2 immunizations are necessary for polyclonal antibody production and 2-3 immunizations for hybridoma generation.
2.Immunogen -- and adjuvant-sparing —much less immunogen required than with conventional methods.
3.Time-saving -- strong immune responses can be reached within 12 days after first immunization or 12 days after the second immunization.
4.Extremely valuable -- in producing antibodies against conformational epitopes.
5.Safe -- non-toxic adjuvant with no adverse side effects to animals.

Magic Mouse Adjuvant has been used in the following featured services: 

Magic Mouse Adjuvant can be purchased as a standalone product.
For additional information, please ask Creative Diagnostics!

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