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[Opal] About parameter setting

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  • From: Jung Sookyoung <syjung419 AT>
  • To: opal AT
  • Subject: [Opal] About parameter setting
  • Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 00:00:35 +0900
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Thank your for your effort to make this great code.!
And I will be appreciate for your advice to solve my problem related to OPAL.

When I was running my short input in single particle mode, I set some of parameters as below referenced by the example which you included.

brho=(HMMASS*1.0E9*gambet) / CLIGHT;
value, {gamma,brho,Edes,beta,gambit};

//define beam parameters
beam1: BEAM, PARTICLE=HMINUS, pc=P0, NPART=1, CHARGE=-1.0, BCURRENT=1.0E-6, BFREQ=83.209;

But I couldn't understand exactly what these are meaning. These are my question list.

1. I guess the first parameter defined as "Edes" is the initial energy of my particle but I couldn't be sure. Is it right to set this 1.0E-3 for 1 MeV particle?
2. The parameter "brho" is automatically set as like that? I didn't use it in my input file directly so I am confused it is used inside the code as itself.

3. When I set "pc" in beam1, should it always have a value same as P0? If not, how can I determine its value?

4. Firstly, I want to do the simulation with a single particle. In this case, what is the purpose of BCURRENT and BFREQ? When I did a simulation without these two parameters, it doesn't work. Also, I use internal ion source for continuous beam (not as a bunched beam), what should be as BCURRENT and BFREQ?

Thank you for your reply in advance.
I am looking forward to get comments soon.

Best regards,
Sookyoung Jung

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