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opal - [Opal] 3D Magnetic field map for Sbend3D element

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[Opal] 3D Magnetic field map for Sbend3D element

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  • From: "Bokor Jozef (PSI)" <Jozef.Bokor AT>
  • To: opal <opal AT>
  • Subject: [Opal] 3D Magnetic field map for Sbend3D element
  • Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2015 13:41:52 +0000
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I would like to ask you for help with my issue concerning implementation of 3D magnetic field map in OPAL-cycl for Sbend3D element.

I have generated 3D field map in OPERA and created field map file according the instructions in OPAL guide for this element , so the map is in cartesian coordinates but arranged in a rectangular grid in r, theta, z.  But after running the input file for OPAL with my map file it crashes and I get the following error message:
Ippl> Opening sector field map FINAL_Field_map_opal.table fit order 1 smoothing order 1
Ippl> Opened FINAL_Field_map_opal.table
Ippl> Read 3600000 lines
Ippl> Grid size (r, y, phi) = (4513, 54, 122)
Ippl> Grid min (r [mm], y [mm], phi [rad]) = (1.84152, 352.271, -1.55724)
Ippl> Grid max (r [mm], y [mm], phi [rad]) = (937.4, 863.247, 3.13547)
[pc11754:10111] *** Process received signal ***
[pc11754:10111] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[pc11754:10111] Signal code:  (128)
[pc11754:10111] Failing at address: (nil)
[pc11754:10111] [ 0] /lib64/[0x3dc20326a0]
[pc11754:10111] [ 1] opal(_ZN22SectorMagneticFieldMap2IO15getInterpolatorESt6vectorIS1_IdSaIdEESaIS3_EEPN13interpolation10ThreeDGridENS_8symmetryE+0x2a7)[0xec3f37]
[pc11754:10111] [ 2] opal(_ZN22SectorMagneticFieldMap2IO7readMapESsSt6vectorIdSaIdEENS_8symmetryEii+0x7aa)[0xec6b1a]
[pc11754:10111] [ 3] opal(_ZN22SectorMagneticFieldMap7readMapEv+0xbb)[0xec6fab]
[pc11754:10111] [ 4] opal(_ZN22SectorMagneticFieldMapC1ESsSsddii+0x48c)[0xec753c]
[pc11754:10111] [ 5] opal(_ZN7SBend3D19setFieldMapFileNameESs+0xab)[0xdeca3b]
[pc11754:10111] [ 6] opal(_ZN11OpalSBend3D6updateEv+0x90)[0xbd07f0]
[pc11754:10111] [ 7] opal(_ZN8OpalData6updateEv+0xad)[0xa2d7bd]
[pc11754:10111] [ 8] opal(_ZNK10OpalParser7executeEP6ObjectRKSs+0x10d)[0xa42b9d]
[pc11754:10111] [ 9] opal(_ZNK10OpalParser11parseActionER9Statement+0x12f)[0xa43caf]
[pc11754:10111] [10] opal(_ZNK10OpalParser5parseER9Statement+0x1ae)[0xa4294e]
[pc11754:10111] [11] opal(_ZNK10OpalParser3runEv+0x24)[0xa42204]
[pc11754:10111] [12] opal(_ZNK10OpalParser3runEP11TokenStream+0x6a)[0xa457aa]
[pc11754:10111] [13] opal(main+0x8f6)[0xa2bd16]
[pc11754:10111] [14] /lib64/[0x3dc201ed5d]
[pc11754:10111] [15] opal[0xa234f9]
[pc11754:10111] *** End of error message ***
Could somebody help me or give me some hints to solve this issue?

Thank you very much in advance
Jozef Bokor

  • [Opal] 3D Magnetic field map for Sbend3D element, Bokor Jozef (PSI), 10/14/2015

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