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opal - Re: [Opal] 3D field maps

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Re: [Opal] 3D field maps

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  • From: "Adelmann Andreas (PSI)" <andreas.adelmann AT>
  • To: Nicole Neveu <nneveu AT>
  • Cc: opal <opal AT>
  • Subject: Re: [Opal] 3D field maps
  • Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 05:37:43 +0000
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Dear Nicole I can not see an obvious error, please send me the complete input 
so I can run the problem. What version of OPAL are you using?

Yes there is a lot going on with OPAL-T3D but this is not related to your problem.

Cheers Andreas 
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On 23 Jun 2016, at 03:22, Nicole Neveu <nneveu AT> wrote:

​Hi OPAL experts,

I'm want to model a weak TEM kicker in OPAL (2 degrees). The kicker was designed in CST, and a 3D field file was exported. I'm trying to define the element in OPAL as a DC RFcavity (3D EM field map at a very low frequency). I'm using the definition of a DC gun on pg. 101 of the manual as my guideline.

Also, I know there is a lot going on with OPAL-T3D (saw your IPAC paper). Not sure if this is related or not since I'm not using a dipole element?

Here's the error I get:

*** User error detected by function "ParallelTTracker::dumpStats()"

***in line 275 of file "" at end of statement:


there seems to be something wrong with the position of the bunch!

What does this mean?
For reference, here are the element definitions:

Gun example in manual:

gun: RFCavity, L=0.018, VOLT=-131/(1.052*2.658),



My kicker:

MYKICK: RFCavity, L = 0.6, VOLT = 35.0,  

FMAPFN = "../kicker3D.txt", ELEMEDGE = 15.736,

TYPE = "STANDING", FREQ = 1.0e-6;



Nicole Neveu

Argonne Wakefield Accelerator


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