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opal - Re: [Opal] introduction and broken links in the OPAL wiki

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Re: [Opal] introduction and broken links in the OPAL wiki

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  • From: Adelmann Andreas <andreas.adelmann AT>
  • To: Snuverink Jochem <jochem.snuverink AT>
  • Cc: Galo Gallardo <ggallardo AT>, "opal AT" <Opal AT>
  • Subject: Re: [Opal] introduction and broken links in the OPAL wiki
  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2023 20:13:16 +0000
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Thanks for pointing this out. Yes some AWA examples are still not available.
However the main example: is correct.

Cheers A
Dr. sc. math. Andreas (Andy) Adelmann
Paul Scherrer Institut OHSA/D17 CH-5232 Villigen PSI
Phone Office: xx41 56 310 42 33 Fax: xx41 56 310 31 91
Zoom ID: 470-582-4086 Password: AdA
Zoom Link:

Friday: ETH HPK G 28   +41 44 633 3076
The more exotic, the more abstract the knowledge, 
the more profound will be its consequences.
Leon Lederman 

On 9 Oct 2023, at 21:11, Snuverink Jochem <jochem.snuverink AT> wrote:

Dear Andreas

You have added these example links, but probably forgot to add the example directories:

commit cbf5df9a91b9a8c9b3af78030ca102990dcc93c5
Author: adelmann <andreas.adelmann AT>
Date:   Thu Aug 18 21:45:20 2022 +0200

    Update home

diff --git a/home.asciidoc b/home.asciidoc

index 9bac496..0e48647 100644
--- a/home.asciidoc
+++ b/home.asciidoc
@@ -111,7 +111,10 @@ git clone --single-branch --depth 1  --branch BRANCH_OR_TAG {link_repo}.git [DIR
 === Start with Examples


 * link:Examples/Cyclotron[Cyclotron]
-* link:Examples/RFPhotoInjector[RF Photo Injector]
+* link:Examples/RFPhotoInjector[AWA RF Photo Injector]
+* link:Examples/AWAEEXBeamline[AWA EEX Beamline]
+* link:Examples/AWADriveLinac[AWA Drive Linac]
 * link:Examples/RegressionTestExamples[Examples from regression tests]
 * link:Examples/FFA[FFA]
 * {link_manual}/{OPAL_VER}/Manual.html#chp.tutorial[Tutorial from Manual]

@Galo Gallardo: thanks for reporting!

Best wishes,

Von: opal-request AT <opal-request AT> im Auftrag von Galo Gallardo <ggallardo AT>
Gesendet: Montag, 9. Oktober 2023 10:45
An: opal AT <opal AT>
Betreff: [Opal] introduction and broken links in the OPAL wiki
Dear OPAL members,

I am Galo, an AI master student currently working as a machine learning
engineer at HI-Iberia (Spain). Specifically, we plan to utilize Deep
Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning Surrogate Models in the
IFMIF-DONES project. For that, we need powerful open source LINAC
simulators such as OPAL.

So far I have thoroughly reviewed OPAL's paper and documentation.
However, I've encountered a couple of broken links:

1. AWAEEXBeamline:
2. AWADriveLinac:

Furthermore, while I have a solid background in physics, my expertise
lies outside the field of particle accelerators. Therefore, I may have
some questions along the way, if its not too much trouble.

Thanks for your attention and best regards,

Galo Gallardo

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