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opal - Re: [Opal] Some questions regarding our current simulations

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Re: [Opal] Some questions regarding our current simulations

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  • From: "Calvo Portela, Pedro" <Pedro.Calvo AT>
  • To: Opal <opal AT>, Galo Gallardo <ggallardo AT>
  • Subject: Re: [Opal] Some questions regarding our current simulations
  • Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2023 13:30:01 +0000
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Dear Galo

I have successfully compiled your input file without errors. I try to answer your questions:

1. To my understanding this part is correct. You are simulating 20K macroparticles with a frequency defined by BREQ.

2. The output file h5 contains the phase space of all the particles according to PSDUMPFREQ. In addition, the output file stat is generated with the beam statistic along the line, according to STATDUMPFREQ.

3. Edes is defined in GeV, as it is indicated in the manual (

4. if you want, you can try to include the FFT Fieldsolver, following the instructions given in the manual (

6. The RUN command is correct

Best regards

Dr. Pedro Calvo Portela
Accelerator Unit - CIEMAT
Av. Complutense 40, Building 7
28040 Madrid
Tel: +34 – 914962542 / ext. 362542

De: opal-request AT <opal-request AT> en nombre de Galo Gallardo <ggallardo AT>
Enviado: lunes, 30 de octubre de 2023 13:10
Para: Opal
Asunto: [Opal] Some questions regarding our current simulations
Dear OPAL members,

We have checked and modified (with the help of the manual) the OPAL FODO
example that was provided in the Wiki:;!!D9dNQwwGXtA!U1pU_l2GrTBIYhxjc5n9RJLBbeR1WJ3Zla9ARanJrmxdF64sMKUdI9-C3uN3l4ML0p-E8Vhf-bcdSkkwWiqs5vsKgw$

Please, find attached the deuterons modified
input file.

It turns out that the FODO example is exactly what we were looing for.
The goal is to run multiple simulations for different quadrupole values
(which we have done already) and obtain a single bunch distribution at
the end. But before proceeding any further we would like cross-check if
everything is alright within the file and if you would change or add
lines to make it more realistic.

Here are the questions:

1. Is this running a single bunch simulation with 20k particles? We have
doubts here because there is a bunch frequency parameter in the file
(BFREQ), but the initial gaussian distribution has 20k particles too.

2. The output file we read is the .h5, from which we take the last step
and the (x,y) information. Is this correct?

3. Is "Edes" the initial kinetic energy of the beam in GeV?

4. "brho" is not required for anything?

3. Would you change the field solver, that is set, to other than NONE?

4. Is the RUN, METHOD command correct?

5. What physical effects does this baseline simulation include? Is this
enough or can we make it more accurate? (without the need of extra files
from Superfish or other software).

Thanks for your attention and best regards,

Galo Gallardo
Junior Artificial Intelligence Engineer
ggallardo AT
+34 697 68 70 16

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