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[Actris-acsm] EBAS: EETA v2.4

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  • Subject: [Actris-acsm] EBAS: EETA v2.4
  • Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 18:12:34 +0000
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Dear all,


I’ve attached the latest version of EBAS Export Tool for AMS/ACSM (EETA v2.4).  As you see from the name, there have been numerous changes, so I’d encourage you to look closely at the documentation during the first use (and/or contact me with questions).  Most important are (1) we have a final format for the EBAS database; (2) EETA is no longer limited to the Q-ACSM (though other instruments require a bit more work from the user); and (3) data from different IGOR experiments can be merged into a single EBAS file.  Other major changes are detailed after the message.  As before, the most efficient way to get started is to add the EETA ipf to an existing IGOR experiment and load the main panel from the EBAS menu.


Please contact me with any bugs/questions/suggestions.  I would also greatly appreciate it if you could let me know the EBAS response to the uploaded files (i.e. whether everything goes smoothly or if their file checker finds problems).





Major changes to EETA (v1.1 to v.2.4):

-          Added a “Manual” mode to EETA in which users can explicitly declare previously calculated data and metadata.  Allows support of AMS-type instruments beyond the Q-ACSM.

-          All uploads consist of paired Level 0 and Level 2 files. Level 2 is intended for general users, while Level 0 contains additional metadata and is intended for expert users and/or unforeseen reevaluation.

-          Units for SO4, NO3, and NH4 changed to ug S/m3 and ug N/m3.

-          All concentrations converted to STP.

-          Added automatic FTP upload to EBAS database.

-          Added limited file merging capability – user can export data from current experiment to an itx and/or load data from such an itx into an existing experiment.

-          Data and metadata lists are (almost) completely predetermined.

-          Output files are encoded in UTF-8.

-          Added various metadata fields, especially regarding instrument description/operation.


Paul Scherrer Institut
Dr. Jay Gates Slowik
CH-5232 Villigen PSI

Telefon: +41 56 310 57 55
E-Mail: jay.slowik AT

Attachment: EETA_v2_4.ipf
Description: EETA_v2_4.ipf

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