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h5part - [H5part] FY06 Non-Commercial Software Statistics for H5Part (CR-2255)

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Subject: H5Part development and discussion

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[H5part] FY06 Non-Commercial Software Statistics for H5Part (CR-2255)

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  • From: Cristina Siegerist <cesiegerist AT>
  • To: Juliet Hart <jmhart AT>
  • Cc: Pam Seidenman <PSSeidenman AT>, Viviana I Wolinsky <VIWolinsky AT>, h5part AT
  • Subject: [H5part] FY06 Non-Commercial Software Statistics for H5Part (CR-2255)
  • Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 10:37:33 -0700
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  • List-id: H5Part development and discussion <>
  • Organization: LBNL

Hello Juliet

We haven't make a public download site for the software yet. We will do
it as soon as we arrange the logistics with the Paul Scherrer Institut

I have given test versions of the the software to

Dr. Robert Ryne, LBNL
Dr. Ji Qiang, LBNL
Dr. Eric Stern, FNAL

Cristina Siegerist

Juliet Hart wrote:
> TO: Cristina Siegerist
> Berkeley Lab's Contract with DOE requires we report the number of
> downloads of the following software program(s) from Oct. 1, 2005 -
> Sept. 30, 2006. These statistics are important in tracking the success
> of our mission to disseminate Lab technology for the public benefit.
> Please provide the following:
> 1. Number of downloads. If you track actual distinct users in addition
> to downloads, the number of users is a better number, and we would
> prefer you report that (as sometimes downloads fail and so a download
> number may be inflated). Otherwise, raw download data is ok.
> 2. If you distribute hard copies, please include the number in your
> reporting as well.
> 3. What version of the software is currently being distributed. If
> different versions have been downloaded over the past year, please
> report the number of downloads for each version separately, if
> available (otherwise, include the gross numbers).
> If you have reported this information in past years, please make your
> download calculation in the same way you have previously; that is,
> please try to use the same method to count each year.
> We would appreciate your response by Tuesday, October 24. We request
> this information each year in October.
> • If you are not the appropriate contact, please forward this message
> to that person, with cc: to me so I can follow up.
> • If the program is no longer available, please let me know.
> Software Program (Disclosure Ref)
> H5Part (CR-2255)
> Thank you very much for your cooperation. Please contact me with any
> questions or comments.
> Julie Hart
> --
> Juliet M. Hart
> Licensing Assistant
> Technology Transfer Department
> Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
> One Cyclotron Road, MS 90R1070
> Berkeley, CA 94720-8125
> p: (510) 495-2908
> f: (510) 486-6457
> JMHart AT

  • [H5part] FY06 Non-Commercial Software Statistics for H5Part (CR-2255), Cristina Siegerist, 10/18/2006

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