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h5part - [H5part] File open fails

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Subject: H5Part development and discussion

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[H5part] File open fails

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  • From: "Matthew Bettencourt" <mbetten AT>
  • To: h5part AT
  • Subject: [H5part] File open fails
  • Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2012 12:27:51 -0700
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Hi, I am getting started writing H5Part files and I am using hdf-1.8.8 and h5part-1.6.5.

When I run a very simple code, attached, I get an error in the H5PartOpenFileParallel which looks like it is an MPI_File_open error. However, in my test code I can open a MPI File just fine.

So, this works,
MPI_File_open(MPI_COMM_WORLD, "foo.mpi",MPI_MODE_CREATE , info, &fh);
but this doesn't
h5file = H5PartOpenFileParallel("foo.h5",H5PART_WRITE,MPI_COMM_WORLD);

This is beyond my ability to figure this out. Any help would be great. This is on a RHEL-6 machine with openmpi-1.5.3-3.el6.x86_64 and gcc-4.4.6-3.el6.x86_64


HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.8.8) MPI-process 0:
#000: /home/mbetten/aleph_workspace/Aleph/user/machines/common/hdf5/hdf5-1.8.8/src/H5F.c line 1440 in H5Fcreate(): unable to create file
major: File accessability
minor: Unable to open file
#001: /home/mbetten/aleph_workspace/Aleph/user/machines/common/hdf5/hdf5-1.8.8/src/H5F.c line 1211 in H5F_open(): unable to open file: time = Wed Feb 1 12:23:38 2012
, name = 'foo.h5', tent_flags = 13
major: File accessability
minor: Unable to open file
#002: /home/mbetten/aleph_workspace/Aleph/user/machines/common/hdf5/hdf5-1.8.8/src/H5FD.c line 1086 in H5FD_open(): open failed
major: Virtual File Layer
minor: Unable to initialize object
#003: /home/mbetten/aleph_workspace/Aleph/user/machines/common/hdf5/hdf5-1.8.8/src/H5FDmpio.c line 1004 in H5FD_mpio_open(): MPI_File_open failed
major: Internal error (too specific to document in detail)
minor: Some MPI function failed
#004: /home/mbetten/aleph_workspace/Aleph/user/machines/common/hdf5/hdf5-1.8.8/src/H5FDmpio.c line 1004 in H5FD_mpio_open(): MPI_ERR_OTHER: known error not in list
major: Internal error (too specific to document in detail)
minor: MPI Error String
E: H5PartOpenFileParallel: Cannot open file "foo.h5" with mode "2"
HDF5-DIAG: Error detected in HDF5 (1.8.8) *** The MPI_Comm_rank() function was called after MPI_FINALIZE was invoked.
*** This is disallowed by the MPI standard.
*** Your MPI job will now abort.

#include <hdf5.h>
#include <H5Part.h>
#include <mpi.h>

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

main(int argc, char** argv) {

MPI_Init(&argc, &argv);
MPI_Info info;
MPI_File fh;

/// works
MPI_File_open(MPI_COMM_WORLD, "foo.mpi",MPI_MODE_CREATE , info, &fh);

// returns null everytime.
H5PartFile *h5file;
h5file = H5PartOpenFileParallel("foo.h5",H5PART_WRITE,MPI_COMM_WORLD);
cout << h5file <<endl;
return 0;

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