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opal - Re: [Opal] CMake error while configuring OPAL

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Re: [Opal] CMake error while configuring OPAL

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  • From: Christof Metzger-Kraus <christof.j.kraus AT>
  • To: Matt Easton 董昊 <matt.easton AT>
  • Cc: opal AT
  • Subject: Re: [Opal] CMake error while configuring OPAL
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2018 07:28:38 +0100

Hi Matt,

in src/Cmake Lists.txt on line 11 you could add 
in front of [^0-9]*

The other error is connected. 


ps: I don't have access to my laptop and can't test it. 

Am 29.01.2018 2:11 vorm. schrieb "Matt Easton 董昊" <matt.easton AT>:

Hi again,


Sorry for sending lots of emails all in a row. If it would be better for the community for me to combine everything into longer, less frequent emails, please let me know.

I’m working on the “one issue one email chain” basis, but am happy to change that if necessary.


I am now trying to compile and install OPAL without the SAAMG solver. All the prerequisites seem to have installed fine, using the recipes on the OPAL wiki.


I have downloaded the source for OPAL v1.6.1 as a tarball from


I’m running the following configure command from the wiki page


mkdir -p "${SRC_DIR}/OPAL/build" && cd "$_"

CC=mpicc CXX=mpicxx cmake \

        --prefix="${PREFIX}" \



On my system, $SRC_DIR is ~/Code and $PREFIX is /usr/local.


I’m getting two errors from CMake:


CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:11 (STRING):

  string sub-command REGEX, mode MATCH regex "[^0-9]*" matched an empty



CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:103 (IF):

  if given arguments:

    "MATCHES" "edison" "OR" "MATCHES" "cori" "OR" "MATCHES" "daint"

  Unknown arguments specified


Any suggestions on what to look into? These errors don’t mean very much to me, I’m afraid.


Thanks for the help,


Dr Matt Easton 董昊

Post-Doctoral Researcher 博士后研究员

Institute of Heavy Ion Physics 重离子研究所

Peking University 北京大学
matt.easton AT
+86 185-1427-0582

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