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opal - Re: [Opal] Fieldmap error using OPAL-CYCL

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Re: [Opal] Fieldmap error using OPAL-CYCL

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  • From: Huiwen Koay <koay AT>
  • To: "Adelmann Andreas (PSI)" <andreas.adelmann AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Opal] Fieldmap error using OPAL-CYCL
  • Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 12:10:18 +0900

Dear Andreas,

This is the error appeared in my shell.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 5:41 AM Adelmann Andreas (PSI) <andreas.adelmann AT> wrote:
Hi Huiwen please add also the std-output so we see how OPAL 
read your field map file. 

Thanks Andreas 
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On 31 Dec 2018, at 09:48, Snuverink Jochem (PSI) <jochem.snuverink AT> wrote:

Hi Huiwen,

I am forwarding your question to the OPAL mailing list. Can you add your input file?

Best regards,

Begin forwarded message:

From: Huiwen Koay <koay AT>
Subject: Fieldmap error using OPAL-CYCL
Date: 30 December 2018 14:07:24 CET

Dear  Jochem Snuverink,

I am a new phd in beam physics trying to use OPAL for my AVF-cyclotron design. 
I did my magnetic field study using OPERA3D, and would like to investigate the AEO and tune results. However, when I try to execute the input with parameters set using ringdefinition and sbend3d to read in the fmap file, I received error message as follow:

Error> *** User error detected by function "SectorMagneticFieldMap::IO::getInterpolator"
Error>     Ran out of field points during read operation; check bounds and ordering

It seems like the data size expected from the TOSCA file is different from the real input. According to the manual, we do not have to input anything else than the length and flux unit, so I thought the grid size of the input is defined as given by the header of the tosca output file. However, my prediction seem to be wrong.

Although I can convert the fmap format into other type, but this is the most convenient way. I would greatly appreciate if you have any suggestions to solve this problem.

Your soon reply is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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