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opal - Re: [Opal] Question about OPAL input file

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Re: [Opal] Question about OPAL input file

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  • Subject: Re: [Opal] Question about OPAL input file
  • Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2019 08:05:38 +0000
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In regard to the release schedule, we plan to have 4 releases per year. The next would 
be end of June. We will announce via the mailing list.
Best A
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On 7 Jun 2019, at 18:12, Snuverink Jochem (PSI) <jochem.snuverink AT> wrote:

Dear Mael

No problem.

- Not sure I understood your question, but you can choose the steps in azimuthal angle and radius how you would like. Probably a 2*2 grid with 4 values might be the minimum.

- There were some issues with the closed orbit finder. These have all been fixed but only in the development branch. There is currently no new release scheduled as far as I know.

Hope that helps,

On 7 Jun 2019, at 16:28, mael.fichou <mael.fichou AT> wrote:

Dear Jochem,


Sorry to reply so late, I am quite busy by many other activities...

Thank you for your help anyway, but now I have some new question regarding the magnetic field:


- I am using the CARBONCYCL type field map, and am wondering what is the minimum number of values to be used.

- Also, the code you gave below doesnot work with the opal version 20.0.1, see in red below




SECTOR = FALSE ------> FALSE = use 360 degrees of the machine
NSTEPS=720         -------> number of integration steps of closed orbit finder



Do you have any clue about when the opal version 20.1 will be functional and downloadable.


Thank you again,



Mael Fichou

> Message du 13/03/19 09:22
> De : "Jochem Snuverink" <jochem.snuverink AT>
> A : "mael.fichou" <mael.fichou AT>
> Copie à : "Tomas Matlocha" <matlocha AT>, "opal AT" <Opal AT>
> Objet : Re: [Opal] Fwd: Question about OPAL input file
> Dear Mael,
> As Tomas mentioned there is a somewhat experimental standalone tune calculation in OPAL.
> In the input file you set:
> In addition you need to specify "FMLOWE", "FMHIGHE" ini the CYCLOTRON command. Those specify the lower and upper limit of the energy in MeV, i.e. FMLOWE=72 and FMHIGHE=590 for the PSI RingCyclotron.
> In order to compute the tunes, you then specify the distribution command:
> SECTOR = FALSE ------> FALSE = use 360 degrees of the machine
NSTEPS=720         -------> number of integration steps of closed orbit finder

> Attached an input file example for the Ring Cyclotron.
> As mentioned by Tomas the method doesn't always seem to converge, and we are looking into that.
> Best regards,
> Jochem
On 12/03/19 18:05, Tomas Matlocha wrote:

> Hi Mael,

> the ic.dat file is generated by FIXPO code which is external code for equilibrium orbit calculation and is not part of OPAL. 

> The Tune calculation implementation to OPAL-cycl itself is currently in progress. It works well for machines with higher tunes i.e. PSI Ring, unfortunately for small machines (my case) the results are not fully relevant yet.

> I'm sure there will be some skilled OPAL user who can give you more precise answer.

> Best regards,

> Tomas



> Dne 2019-03-11 16:21, Adelmann Andreas (PSI) napsal:


Begin forwarded message:

From: mael.fichou <mael.fichou AT>
Subject: Question about OPAL input file
Date: 11 March 2019 at 15:06:51 CET
Cc: Vitcher Sarah <vitcher.sarah AT>
Reply-To: mael.fichou <mael.fichou AT>




I am Mael Fichou, french engineer working on cyclotron project.

In order to evaluate the use of your OPAL software for our products studies, I am trying to run a tune simulation and am wondering how you obtained the ic.dat file,

Could you advise on what kind of software I could use to obtain these information ? Checking a file example, I don't understand how you generate the third parameter (Pr).


Thank you very much for your help,




Mael Fichou

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