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opal - Re: [Opal] Injected distribution with OFFSETZ

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Re: [Opal] Injected distribution with OFFSETZ

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  • From: Christof Metzger-Kraus <christof.j.kraus AT>
  • To: "Dr. Simon Friederich" <s.friederich AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [Opal] Injected distribution with OFFSETZ
  • Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 10:29:18 +0200
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Hi Simon,

if I remember correctly then the beam is always emitted at z = 0. I don't know what (if at all) effect OFFSETZ has when the beam is emitted. But I'm sure we will find another way to accomplish what you intended. E.g. you could use a monitor with TYPE = TEMPORAL. Then you use the recorded distribution (using FROMFILE) in the following optimization. The downside of this approach is that you have to export the data from the hdf5 file to ascii (using e.g. matlab/octave or python).

Best regards,

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 6:47 PM Dr. Simon Friederich <s.friederich AT> wrote:

Dear OPAL-Team,

My goal: I want to inject an electron bunch with a gaussian distribution at Z=-0.2 and have it cross a solenoid which is located at 0.0.

I tried: To use the OFFSETZ parameter, but it has not the desired effect (I expect the stat-file to start from s=-0.2m, right?).

I have also tried: To change the CATHODE's position, but it has no(t the desired) effect either.

I wanted to use the OFFSETZ parameter once to import a particle distribution at a specific point within my beam line so that I don't have to change the elements position and get the same result as if I injected the start-distribution at (0,0,0). [The purpose was to save computational time, because I could optimize the beam line step by step without having to simulate everything from the beginning]

If you find the time, maybe you could have a look at my input files and tell me what I've missed here.

Best regards,


Dr. Simon Friederich
Helmholtz-Institut Mainz
Kollaboration B/ACID
Johannes Gutenberg-Universit├Ąt Mainz
Staudingerweg 18
55128 Mainz, Deutschland

Tel.: +49 (0)6131 39-23160
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