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h5part - [H5part] Re: project page, svn checkout instructions, etc.

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Subject: H5Part development and discussion

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[H5part] Re: project page, svn checkout instructions, etc.

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  • From: Achim Gsell <Achim.Gsell AT>
  • To: Wes Bethel <ewbethel AT>
  • Cc: h5part AT
  • Subject: [H5part] Re: project page, svn checkout instructions, etc.
  • Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 17:46:36 +0200
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  • Organization: Paul Scherrer Institut

Hi Wes

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 01:33, Wes Bethel wrote:

> 1. Where is the "top level web page" for H5part? Looking through old
> emails, I saw one from Achim dated 9/6/2006 that included a URL
> That web page does exist

This is the official "top level web page".

> 2. Following the link from that page to "Downloading H5Part", you end up
> here: The instructions on
> that page do not work for me: the SVN passwd "svn" is rejected.

Oops, the download instructions are completely outdated.

> 3. Can some kind person please update the instructions for downloading
> H5part with ones that are correct and work?

I will update the instructions asap!

A short instruction + some hints and remarks:

Anonymous download with user name "svn" is not possible! This is a
of LBNL's need to count the downloads. You have to use the user
name "l_bethel". I suppose you forgot your password ;-), I will send you a
new one in another email ...

For anonymous download we should setup the agreed procedure:
As soon as a new version is available some guy runs
svn checkout<version>
cd H5Part-<version>
make dist-bzip2
and copies the created tar-file to the H5Part download directory at LBNL. I
can do this provided that I get access to this directory.

The current version of H5Part is 1.3.1.

I need to know the URL to the H5Part download directory for the update of the
web page.

I will (most likely) attend the AFS workshop in Stanford from May 8.-11. - a
good opportunity to visit LBNL for 1 or 2 days and to discuss/implement some
open points.


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