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Re:[Opal] Dark Current Simulations - FE

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  • From: wangchuan02513 <wangchuan02513 AT>
  • To: "frederic.le.pimpec" <frederic.le.pimpec AT>
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  • Subject: Re:[Opal] Dark Current Simulations - FE
  • Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 22:35:55 +0800 (CST)
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Hi, Frederic,
As far as I know, the REPARTFREQ is set to balance the particle load for each CPU after the specified time steps.  You may ask Andreas for the details about REPARTFREQ, but why not use PartStatistics.dat file which I've already introduced to you in previous emails? As the emission model use the charge of each simulation particle to weight the number of physical particles, the number of simulation particles appeared in .oxxxx file are not what you want. The number of the physical particles in the last column of the  PartStatistics.dat is what you may be interested in.
Best regards

At 2011-09-13 17:36:14,"frederic.le.pimpec" <frederic.le.pimpec AT> wrote: >Hi Chuan, > >I re-run the dark current simulation of the RG gun using in the data file ># >NPART      50  # Number of simulation particles in bunch >QBUNCH     0.1     # Bunch charge [pC] > >so Normally I should have had after 2 steps the full emission of my  >bunch and then the dark current should start ... and each step should be  >1ps instead of a % of a ps. > >As can be seen on the attached figure the emission is constant during  >500 steps. >looking at the emission time it also changes to a ps after step 499 > >the .o33394 (opal run output) > >Boundary geometry initialized >OPAL {0}> MINSTEPFORREBIN 1000 >OPAL {0}> REPARTFREQ 500 >OPAL {0}> Changing emission time step to: 1.3927e-14 >OPAL {0}> * Emit 281 particles at the surfaces >OPAL {0}> Step 0 no emission yet  t= 1.3927e-14 [s] >OPAL {0}> * Emit 281 particles at the surfaces >OPAL {0}> 15.08.52 Step 1 at 0 [m] t= 2.78539e-14 [s] E=4.18961e-08 [MeV] >OPAL {0}> * Wrote beam phase space. >OPAL {0}> * ************** B U N C H  >********************************************************* >OPAL {0}> * NP= 562 Qtot= 0.002832 [nC]  Qi= 2e-15 [C] >OPAL {0}> * spos= 0 [m] >OPAL {0}> *  >**********************************************************************************  > >OPAL {0}> >OPAL {0}> * Wrote beam statistics. >OPAL {0}> * Emit 281 particles at the surfaces >OPAL {0}> 15.08.53 Step 2 at 0 [m] t= 4.17809e-14 [s] E=1.04709e-07 [MeV] >OPAL {0}> * Wrote beam phase space. >OPAL {0}> * ************** B U N C H  >********************************************************* >OPAL {0}> * NP= 843 Qtot= 0.004248 [nC]  Qi= 2e-15 [C] >OPAL {0}> * Ekin= 6.98057e-08 [MeV] dEkin= 9.3267e-08 [MeV] >OPAL {0}> * spos= 0 [m] > >The first deleted particle appears after  step 597 >That is fine. > >I think the problem is the REPARTFREQ 500 in the .tmpl file > >The question is : what is this REPARTFREQ ? >can I set it up to 2 ? (I will anyway and see what happen) > >bests >Frederic

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